ISESCO Regional Office

About ISESCO Regional Office in Tehran

About ISESCO Regional Office in Tehran

The establishment of ISESCO Regional Office in Tehran was propounded and adopted at the 7th Session of ISESCO's General Conference (Rabat, 22-24 November 2000)
The Seat Agreement between The Islamic Republic of Iran and The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) was signed on the 18th January 2003.
The Regional Office was inaugurated in the attendance of Dr.Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, Director General of ISESCO, and Mr. Murtaza Haji, Education Minister Of Iran, and a number of Iranian government officials and member states' ambassadors, on the 19th January 2003.
Dr.Altwaijri appointed Dr.Hadi Azizzadeh as the director of Regional Office in Tehran on the 16th February 2003 and the Regional Office started working on the 15th March 2003.
Dr. Abbas Sadri appointed as Director of ISESCO Regional Office in Tehran from March 2005.

Member States in the ISESCO Asian Region
1. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
2. The Republic of Azerbaijan
3. The People's Republic of Bangladesh
4. The Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam
5. The Republic of Indonesia
6. The Islamic Republic of Iran
7. The Republic of Kazakhstan
8. The Republic of Kyrgyzstan
9. Malaysia
10. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan
11. The Republic of Tajikistan

Major Duties
Below are among the most important duties of the Regional Office:
1. Implementing and following up the ISESCO programs in the Region.
2. Having contacts with member states' National Commissions, academic, institutions, nongovernmetal organizations(NGO) and experts operating in ISESCO fields of competence especially in the Region.
3. Representing H.E. Director General in the Seat country and the countries under the competence of the Office.

Budget and Expenditures
The budget of the Regional Office is provided by ISESCO headquarters and the governmment of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The governmment of the Islamic Republic of Iran undertook to put at ISESCO's disposal a seat, suitable for the Office; a furnished accommodation for its Director, to equip and furnish the Office; to pay attention and maintenance of the building; to the administration of it; to provide the Office with the necessary means of transport.
The ISESCO headquarters, on the other hand, undertook to pay the salaries of foreign experts and the expenditures for the ISESCO projects being carried out through the Regional Office.